Mary Warren Foulk

Educator, Writer, Editor

Arlington Literary Journal, 2020, “Abomination in Sunlight”

Arlington Literary Journal, 2020, “The Inventory of Fumbling”

Yes Poetry, 2020, “Ruefle’s Pink”

(M)othering Anthology, Inanna Publications, 2022, “A Prayer (Vision for anthology)”

(M)othering Anthology, Inanna Publications, 2022, “Nights Waking”

Cathexis Northwest Press, 2019, “Elegy with Black Suit”

Cathexis Northwest Press, 2019, “The Show Must Go On”

Cathexis Northwest Press, 2019, “Wading”

My Loves: A Digital Anthology of Queer Love Poems, Ongoing, “With Buck Teeth. With Braces”

Palette Poetry, 2020, “If I Could Write You a Happier Ending”

Lucky Jefferson, 2020, “Confluence”

NMH Mandala, 2020, “Morning Commute”

NMH Mandala, 2020, “September Dream”

Waterwheel Review, 2020, “Corralling”

River Heron Review, 2020, “portrait of a queer as a young boy”

Sheila-Na-Gig, 2020, “Self-Portrait with Erosion”